Social skills are critical to successful functioning in life. These skills enable us to know what to say, how to make good choices, and how to behave in different situations. The extent to which children possess good social skills can influence their academic performance, behavior, social and family relationships. In other words, social skills are linked to the quality of the child's life. Our Mission is to use research-based behavioral strategies to teach children important life skills that will help them successfully navigate through life's many situations.




PEERS San Diego provides individualized and small group intervention to address social and behavioral needs of school aged children. Our programs are specially designed for children who lack certain skill or children who simply want to practice their skills in a fun and safe environment. Our philosophy is based on Applied Behavior Analysis, using the child’s motivation to drive learning. We understand each child is unique. Each child in our program will go through an initial assessment to determine the strengths to build upon and the weaknesses to target. We create an environment that allows us to optimize learning opportunities while providing plenty of reinforcement to maintain the child’s newly acquired skills. Our small groups provide a chance to observe others, practice with peers, and receive feedback in a fun, safe, and exciting environment. 

All our facilitators are trained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for at least 40 hours before they work individually with any child at our center. They go though on-going training on the latest development in social skills training. It is our priority to ensure that our staff are trained in the latest development in the area of social skills training and applied behavior analysis.